Our theatre was found in 2001 year in little Lithuanian city, named Panevezys. In 2000, 20th of December, before theatre was found, was preceded premiere of play “Raudonkepuraite ir PV” (“Redcap”). Theatres actors had graduated Jaroslavli’s national institute of theatre and achieved professions of puppet theatre director and actress. At the same time theatre was housed by “Panevezio muzikinis teatras” ( Music theatre). Later in 2001 theatre had produced another premiere – “Katinelis ir gaidelis” ( “Cat and Chanticleer”). After one year, in 2002, theatre had celebrated Birthday of one year and created new play “Pagrandukas” (“Scraping”). To make children feel happy, in 2003, theater had produced Christmas play “Kaip snieginukas spalvu ieskojo” (“How Snowman seeks the colors”). In 2004 theater created a play called “Carlis sokolado rojuje” (“Charley in chocolate heaven”), it was created by R.Dahl book.
While theatre were playing in Panevezys, they had visited a lot of small towns and villages in Panevezys region, they played shows on the scene of “Panevezys music theatre”, had made and produced educating projects “Debeseliu pasakos”, “Pasnabzduku brolija” to the children of city. They had organized festivals in the Squire of Independence for the community of Panevezys city.
After four years that theater had spend in Panevezys, they moved to Siauliai (biggest city) and in 29th of September theatre had changed their name to “Siauliu leliu teatras Avilys”(“Siauliai puppet theatre “Hive”). The first steps in the city, where had never been any professional puppet theatre before, were really hard, but in the year of 2006 theatre had created three plays – “Bite Maja” ( “Bee Maya” by Bonsels ), “Tikroji Pelenes istorija” (“True history of Cinderella”) and “Arklio Dominyko meilė” (“Love of horse Dominykas”). After that, theatre had decided to create play for adults, which was very hard task to do. To produce that play was invited stars of Russian puppet theatre: director, St.Zelezkin and painter J.Bondarenka. Play – the cabaret of night for adults Sl.Mrozec’s “Serenada” ( “Serenade”) had rise in 8th September, in 2006, at the jubilee of the city Siauliai. In 20th of January in 2008, theatre had produced one more premiere – play “Princese ir Kiauliaganys” (“Princess and Swineherd” by the causes of story written by H. CH. Andersen). The goals of this year are to create two more plays for children and one for adults.
Puppet theatre “Avilys” isn’t only playing stationary shows every Sunday, but gladly visiting Cultural centers, schools and kindergartens in all Lithuania. The collective of theatre organizes lessons of puppet theatre in kindergartens and schools, also Birthday parties and a lot more.
Theatre performs about 200 shows during the year. In our company is working 10 people.
Theatre was participate in 6th and 7th international festivals of puppet theatre in Alytus (Lithuania) at 2006, 2007 and 11th international festival of puppet theatres „Theatre in suitcase“ in Viljandi (Estonia) at 2007. We will go to Viljandi again in May 2008.
Theatre is trying to create something that would fascinate children, attract him to the theatre, realized his fantasies. And with all this, without any creeping to audience, theatre is searching ways to make scale of audience worth.
Warm, comfortable, full of goodness and love – that what should theatre look like. Theatre, from where watcher never got need to leave, like this would be his second home.